When Your Food Fights Back

MJ Santos
1 min readNov 23, 2022

Not a tale of indigestion but a collaboration with AI (#48 of 100 Story Challenge)

Image generated by AI (Craiyon) with input from MJ Santos

Ronald was having the worst nightmare ever. He was being chased by a giant hamburger, and there was nowhere to hide.

The burger was getting closer and closer. Ronald could smell the onion and feel the greasy juices dripping down his back. He knew he would be eaten alive by his own creation.

Just before the bun swallowed him whole, the Cheese Burgler arrived to save him. He wielded a gigantic cheese slice like a sword, slicing the hamburger in half.

Ronald woke up in a sweat, relieved that it had only been a dream. But then he realized that the Cheese Burgler was standing right next to his bed, watching him…

So I spent today experimenting with AI image and text generators. In my opinion, they aren’t ready to replace humans yet. Their efforts come out pretty but vague. I tweaked the story above to make it a titch better. If you feel it needs a little something more, check out my human-generated tales instead.



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