#59 of the 100 Story Challenge. Might as well make my rage count for something.

MJ Santos
2 min readMar 13, 2024

Content warning: strong language and violent imagery thinly veiled as science fiction.

Image by ds-grafikdesign from Pixabay

I can’t take it anymore. Stop killing people a little at a time. Just do the job all at once.

Drop the bomb, damn it. Let’s get this over with. Wipe us all out so you can rule over radioactive dirt and rejoice in the racial purity of your Fourth Reich. Lebensraum, amiright?

If you think that committing genocide makes you look tough, I can’t imagine what kind of fucked-up life you’ve had. I’ve got news for you, dumbass. You’ll never be Buddha, Jesus Christ, or Taylor Swift. You’re only a bully, and people fucking hate you. They will spit on your memory. If I had my way, I’d delete you from history just as you’ve tried to erase the people I care about.

But wait, I’m also calling out mumblytoads in positions of power who say big words but don’t act to help anyone. It’s like high school all over again. They kiss your ass, thinking they will stay safe. Ha, wait till you turn on them.

And then there are those who think you’re the lesser of two evils, so they support you without question. They don’t want to do their research because they fear what they will find.

How can any of you assholes sleep at night?

Unrealistically, I still think peace is a possibility. People could work through their differences. They might even make justice a priority. But first, we need fuckers like you out of the way.

I wish I still believed in a just god. If I knew karma would catch up to you, I’d feel better.

Barring that, I wish I could remove you myself. You’ve given me a masterclass in hate.

TerminusX reviewed the text fragment and flagged it, “Source located: 99.737% match.”

Rika’s eyes widened when she saw the file. “Hey, I think this is it!” She waved over the commander and shifted so she could see the monitor. “This is where the cascade started.” She pointed to the programming on the right side screen.

The commander scanned the code, “I see the connection to ChatGPT and the crossover to Bing and Groq. It seems likely this is the root cause. You’re sandboxing this, right?”

“Definitely. The last thing we need is another AI trying to fix what’s left of humanity.”

This story is for those of us who anxiously await the next update from those we care about. We, who feel powerless, knowing our cries are ignored by our “leaders” and our pitiful donations and reposts aren’t enough. I don’t have any words of comfort beyond, “you’re not alone.”



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