Ace of Wands: The Source (Tarot Tales 1 — #54 of the 100 Story Challenge)

MJ Santos
2 min readMar 21

Finding the will and the way

Man lifts up a red flare light inside a cave.
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

I lit a match and flinched in the bright flare. It illuminated only a small area of the cave chamber. Speleothem cast dancing shadows so I held my breath to confirm what I hoped. There was a draft coming from behind me. I thought I had imagined it before.

I turned around and lifted the match. Before it burned my fingers, I saw a large opening in the floor. If I had taken two steps more, I would have fallen in it. This was the source of the air current. It smelled green and wet, but pleasant, like a freshly watered garden in sunshine.

I lit the second to last match and peered over the edge. It wasn’t a straight drop but a sloping tunnel. Even with an injured leg I thought I could navigate it. I memorized as much as I could before the light burned out. Then I tucked away the matchbox and tightened the bandage.

I’m back, I hope. SAD + autistic burnout + Long COVID (+ reactivated EBV?) kicked my bum this winter. I had to work or else so there wasn’t any energy left over for fun writing.

After all these weeks of only survival, I needed something to stimulate ideas. For some unknown reason, I decided on tarot cards. I’d pull one each day and write a short story. I don’t believe in divination but rather in contemplation. We’ll see how it goes, anyway.

Thank you for sticking with me.

MJ Santos

Trying to improve or at least distract the world one story at a time. 🏳️‍🌈Autistic immigrant in 🇵🇹